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Holly Renald Cohn Paintings

  Home & Studio


07 "Plots"
Studio View I
12 "Studio View I" NFS
Still Life
13 "Still Life" NFS
14 "Neighborhoods" NFS
Studio  III
20 "Studio III" NFS
First Studio
21 "First Studio" NFS
Studio View Home
25 "Studio View Home" NFS
Pink Cloth
77 "Pink Cloth" SOLD
Woman's Point of View
78 "Woman's Point of View" - SOLD
Mouse Trap I
05 "Mouse Trap I" NFS
Mouse Trap II
06 "Mouse Trap II" NFS
Family Tree
15 "Family Tree" NFS
White Table
80 "White Table" SOLD
26 "Inside-Outside"
Not Cool
46 "Not Cool" - SOLD
Sammy's Playground
81 "Sammy's Playground"
87 "Origami"
Garden Hose
91 "Garden Hose"
Studio Still Life
95 "Studio Still Life"
Empty Chair
65 "Empty Chair" NFS

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